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Earth Day Marin is dedicated to rallying the public to take needed actions on Climate Change and educating the public about what we can do about climate change and sea level rise. Watch presentations on our Youtube Channel.

Please like our Shore Up Marin facebook page to keep up with our ongoing activities advocating for equitable and culturally appropriate approaches to sea level rise and flooding adaptation, emergency preparedness and response and engaging the public on the issue of sea level rise in Marin County.

The #1 most important thing you can do about Climate Change is to join with the organizations, government agencies and officials, businesses and community members that are doing something about it. As individuals there is little we can do, but as members of groups we can have a powerful impact. We recommend being involved in both advocacy and measurable efforts to reduce individual and institutional carbon footprints.

Climate Change is not a spectator sport take action and rally your friends, family and neighbors to join in too. Be visible, make some noise, keep your network updated on your efforts. When we act effectively and visibly in groups we will be a beacon for others to follow around the world.
Together we can reverse the direction of climate change.


Traditional sustainability is not enough learn how to effectively and measurably reduce your footprint. Marin residents have one of the highest average footprints in the US our love of nature, support for organics and environmental causes is not making a difference on climate change. Learn how to take effective action now:

    Join in with this incredible Marin organization which helps groups of households lose 5,000 unsightly lbs or C02 in only 60 days. Most households are losing 11,000 lbs! They have done all the homework and provide the education and effective, measurable options of how to reduce your footprint plus they create an emergency response plan with your neighbors.
Specific ways to reduce your footprint now:

Earth Day Marin recommends that every Marin resident immediately switch to 100% renewable energy. We can do this with great ease and rapidly by switching to the Deep Green option with MCE, now the default provider of electricity in Marin County. The additional cost is about $5 per month for the average residential customer, and the average impact is equivalent to taking a car off the road for 6 months of the year, about 5,000 lbs of C02.

With climate change driving our record drought and the climate impact of water use and waste, Earth Day Marin urges you to do all you can to conserve water and utilize wastewater whenever possible. Please visit Marin Municipal Water District and learn about exciting new rebates and other ways to save water.

Another way to reduce your electricity footprint is to seek a solar array for your home. This has never been easier or more affordable. All of these companies offer free evaluations: MAKE YOUR HOME MORE EFFICIENT:
So much carbon pollution comes from wasted energy such as idling your car or letting heat leak out of your house. Here are some resources to help you tighten up your home efficiency: DO BUSINESS WITH ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE REDUCED THEIR FOOTPRINT
We all need to make changes individually AND we can drive change even faster by leading our schools, organizations, businesses, government agencies, clubs, landlords, libraries, gyms and condo associations to make changes as well. Most of the other resources here can be utilized in institutional and business settings. Another way to reduce bigger footprints is through advocacy (in the next section)

  • SOL-ED
    This locally-based B-CORP (benefit corporation seeks social benefit a s well as profit) has developed a new model to provide more affordable solar power for schools, with costs that decline over time. Advocate with your school administration and school board to look into this model and others to allow your school to go solar.

    This national organization advocates for a Carbon Tax such as the one introduced by Barbara Boxer. The group is very well organized providing cutting edge educational conference calls with engaging speakers on a monthly basis. Join in with Marin meetings to listen to the call and plan local media outreach and advocacy with elected officials.
    This is an international movement launched by multi-award winning author and climate change activist Bill McKibbon to bring attention to the amount of C02 thought to be safe, 350 parts per million in our atmosphere. We are currently at 400 ppm and the consequences of that are very disturbing and serious. Learn more from their movie "Do the Math" on the Earth Day Marin Video channel on Youtube. Bay Area and Marin chapters of are involved in activism on climate change including efforts to get colleges and universities to divest from Oil and efforts to block the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Internatonal thought-leader Peter Barnes, author of Who Owns the Sky and Climate Solutions: A Citizen's Guide says the best thing individuals can do about climate change reducing their footprint is to join
    Read more
    about Peter Barnes in an interview by Hannah Doress, Director of Earth Day Marin.
Check back for more resources and fan us and friend "EarthDay Marin" or follow us on Twitter for frequent action updates and resources.

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